tinyOS  v1.00
tLib.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  tBitmap
struct  _tNode
struct  _tList
struct  _tSnode
struct  _tSlist


#define tNodeParent(node, parent, name)   (parent *)((uint32_t)node - (uint32_t)&((parent *)0)->name)


typedef struct _tNode tNode
typedef struct _tList tList
typedef struct _tSnode tSnode
typedef struct _tSlist tSlist


void tBitmapInit (tBitmap *bitmap)
uint32_t tBitmapPosCount (void)
void tBitmapSet (tBitmap *bitmap, uint32_t pos)
void tBitmapClear (tBitmap *bitmap, uint32_t pos)
uint32_t tBitmapGetFirstSet (tBitmap *bitmap)
void tNodeInit (tNode *node)
void tListInit (tList *list)
uint32_t tListCount (tList *list)
tNodetListFirst (tList *list)
tNodetListLast (tList *list)
tNodetListPre (tList *list, tNode *node)
tNodetListNext (tList *list, tNode *node)
void tListRemoveAll (tList *list)
void tListAddFirst (tList *list, tNode *node)
void tListAddLast (tList *list, tNode *node)
tNodetListRemoveFirst (tList *list)
void tListInsertAfter (tList *list, tNode *nodeAfter, tNode *nodeToInsert)
void tListRemove (tList *list, tNode *node)
void tSnodeInit (tSnode *snode)
void tSlistInit (tSlist *slist)
uint32_t tSlistCount (tSlist *slist)
tSnodetSlistFirst (tSlist *slist)
tSnodetSlistLast (tSlist *slist)
void tSListAddFirst (tSlist *slist, tSnode *snode)
void tSListAddLast (tSlist *slist, tSnode *snode)
tSnodetSListRemoveFirst (tSlist *slist)