tinyOS  v1.00
tEvent.h File Reference
#include "tConfig.h"
#include "tLib.h"
#include "tTask.h"
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Data Structures

struct  _tEvent


typedef enum _tEventType tEventType
typedef struct _tEvent tEvent


enum  _tEventType {
  tEventTypeUnknown = (0 << 16), tEventTypeSem = (1 << 16), tEventTypeMbox = (2 << 16), tEventTypeMemBlock = (3 << 16),
  tEventTypeFlagGroup = (4 << 16), tEventTypeMutex = (5 << 16)


void tEventInit (tEvent *event, tEventType type)
void tEventWait (tEvent *event, tTask *task, void *msg, uint32_t state, uint32_t timeout)
tTasktEventWakeUp (tEvent *event, void *msg, uint32_t result)
void tEventWakeUpTask (tEvent *event, tTask *task, void *msg, uint32_t result)
void tEventRemoveTask (tTask *task, void *msg, uint32_t result)
uint32_t tEventRemoveAll (tEvent *event, void *msg, uint32_t result)
uint32_t tEventWaitCount (tEvent *event)